Our Wine Makers

Our proud and talented wine makers have won over 150 medals in various winemaking contests around the States and internationally. They have obtained double gold multiple times at San Francisco Wine Competitions. Each of them plays an active role in wine associations across the United States. Our 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon scored 100 point at wine spectator, American’s leading wine magazine and wine authority.

Our Wine Making

We dedicate two major innovative techniques to our wine making process, cement eggs and whole clusters. The cement keeps a steady temperature during fermentation without the need for heating or cooling coils. Its porous material breathes as wood does, reduces off odors, and imparts a rounder, richer mouth feel in the wine. The egg shape in particular ensures there are no dead corners so there is better uniformity of the juice and maintenance of fresh fruit flavors.

We use computer generated analysis tool to calculate the best percentage of whole clusters depending on the lignification and thickness of the stems and the type of grapes to ensure lovely results. This technique helps the release of juice from the stems into the wine to reinforce the nature aromatic flavors and the percentage of tannins that not only bring a spicy flavor but also serve as antioxidant.